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24 Hour Service

We focus on quality and precision. When you bring your bike to us for service, we will return it to you by the end of the next day. In the event we need to order parts, service will be completed within 24 hours from the time the parts arrive. We are our service and stand behind our work. You are always welcomed to drop in but recommend making an appointment.

You wouldn't wait a week for your car to be serviced, so why wait for your bike? When you bring your bike to us for service, it will be done by 5pm on the following business day unless we need to order parts. If we need to order parts, your service will be complete within 24 hours of the parts arriving.  

No work will be done or charges incurred without first providing an estimate to you, in writing where possible, and your approval obtained. Assessments and estimates are always free. Any charges not approved in advance will be removed from your work order or refunded to you.

We will recommend all work that we think your bike might need, but we will never be pushy and will leave it to you to decide what work you want done. If we believe there is a condition that makes the bike unsafe, we will explain it kindly. We might ask you to sign a waiver before we release the bike to you should you decline to have us do the work to repair a condition we deem unsafe or we believe it is not safely repairable. We take your safety very seriously.

We stand behind our work. If it's not done right the first time, we will do it again at no cost to you. As many times as it takes until you are satisified.

We will communicate. If something unexpected comes up we will contact you immediately. We will contact you when the service is complete. We will keep careful notes regarding the work we do and we will happily go over them when you pick up your bike.

Our Rates

Although our prices are competitive and an outstanding value for what we deliver, City Cycle will rarely be the least expensive place to have work done. This is because we only hire the best, we train our people, our focus is on doing the job right, we take the extra time to do it, and our quality control process is thorough.  We believe that the last thing you want to be thinking about when you're cruising 40-50 mph downhill or winding through car traffic is the 10% you saved on your bike work.

Our hourly labor rate is $100 per hour and our service items are based on this rate. 

Basic Tune-Up  $100.00
Full Tune-Up  $275.00
Pro Build Services
1 to 1.5 Hours 2.5 to 3 Hours

Bike Wipe Down

  • Cleaning Spray and Soft Towels

Safety Check and Inspecition

  • Frame and Fork
  • All Components
Tune-up and Adjustments
  • Stem and headset
  • Crank and bottom bracket
  • Wheel and hubs
  • Shifters, derailleurs and derailleur hanger
  • Brakes
  • Clean and lube chain
  • Clean and lube shock stanchions
  • Lube cables and housing

Complete Bike Detail

  • Thorough soap and water wash
  • Remove and thoroughly clean drivetrain

Safety Check & Inspection

  • Frame and Fork
  • All Components

Tune & Adjust

  • Stem and headset
  • Crank and bottom bracket
  • Wheels and hubs
  • Shifters, derailleurs and derailleur hanger
  • Brakes

Included Installations

  • New cables and housing
  • New handlebar tape/grips
  • New chain and casette
  • New tires (except tubular)
  • New brake pads

Pro Bike Build $225-$300

  • Professional assembly from frame up

Pro Bike Build + Wheels $325-$400

  • Professional assembly from frame up, including wheel building

Box Bike Build $100

  • Build Partially Assembled Bike in Box

Pack Bike for Shipping $100

  • Includes Cardboard Bike Box

City Cycle Wheel Services

Lifetime Guarantee on wheel true and spoke replacement

  • Re-Tention and True $70
  • Wheel True $20-40
  • Freehub Service $30
  • Hub Overhaul $30-60
  • Hub Adjust $20-35

* Lifetime Guarantee on True & Spoke Replacement


What Sets Us Apart

At a time where a lot of shops don't have a single wheel builder, we have 3-4 per store.  Where our competition might have one guy, ALL of our service staff are proficient at servicing suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, electronic shifting, gluing tubular tires, and caring for lightweight materials, across virtually all brands. 

We start by having some of the most skilled and experienced bicycle mechanics in the business, but that's just a base requirement.  We also require that our service staff be friendly, warm, and professional.  At City Cycle we understand that getting the work done correctly every time is just a basic expectation, it's our professionalism, how well we communicate, and how we educate and make our customers feel that really sets us apart.

Once the work is done by our highly skilled mechanic, we still ensure that EVERY bicycle assembly and service is test ridden and then thoroughly double-checked by another mechanic before it reaches a customer.  We document who did the work, the test ride, the final check, we enter detailed notes with every work order, and we document that each customer is contacted.  Our system is paperless and everything is captured and stored in our system.