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Choose a Fit

Which Fit Is Right For You?

There are basically four different types of Fit. See which one is best for you and book an appointment. 

Precision Fit

Book a full Precision Fit with Fit Services Manager Justin Lucke. Precision Fit is ideal for the rider that wants the perfect set up on a current bike, to dial in a new bike, or to design the perfect custom fit. Precision Fit is also a great way to help deal with nagging discomfort on the bike or accommodate injuries or other limitations. The full Precision Fit includes our fully adjustable Purely Custom Fit Bike, motion capture video, saddle pressure analysis, and a detailed physical exam to help identify strengths and weaknesses. $375 (2.5 hours)

Quick Fit

Ideal for making small adjustments, refining an existing fit or finding the perfect saddle. The Quick Fit includes motion capture video and saddle pressure analysis. $175 (1 hour)

Cleat Set Up

Installing cleats is more than just screwing them into the bottom of the shoes. Invest in the happiness of your knees with a proper, comprehensive cleat set up. Includes on and off bike analysis to ensure cleats are in the proper spot. $55 (20 min.)

Basic Sizing

Setting saddle height and position fore/aft along with examining reach and recommending appropriate stem and handlebar and saddle to handlebar drop. $75 (20 min.)

Included In All Fits

All bike fits include setting up one bike with measurements from the fit, including installing the saddle or stem. The fit does not include cost of new parts if needed, or installation of other parts. Time to set up position on additional bike can be accommodated at hourly rate ($175).

Request a Fit Appointment.